Rocky takes a trip to the enchanted village of Kaysersberg, France

Imagine the fairy-tale beauty of Strasbourg concentrated into a small village with just a few roads, a gorgeous castle and some surrounding vineyards. Such a magical place exists and it’s called Kaysersberg!

We stumbled upon the medieval village on our search for castles in the Alsace region and I’m sure glad we found it!

Located just an hour south of Strasbourg by car, Kaysersberg is worth a visit if you’re ever in the region. As a bonus, it’s a super dog friendly village as I was able to join my human friends on their adventures hiking up to the castle, eating waffles and of course drinking the finest French beer and wine!


Take a look at these wonderful traditional houses and the gorgeous canal. Now imagine living here!


Entering Kaysersberg! Let’s see what it has to offer

Beautiful timbered houses of different colors. Even with my limited color vision compared to a human’s, I can still see how magnificent and diverse these houses are!
Stopping to pose in one of the village’s small roads
Looks like one of those toy houses that children get for Christmas!
Danny said he felt as if we had been transported into a fairytale book
Grinning because I’m happy to visit such a splendid town

After trekking through the town for several hours it was time to find somewhere to have a snack and a drink! Luckily, there were no shortage of places to do that in Kaysersberg.


A beer for me and Danny
Waffles and Nutella? Count me in!
Can you say no to a face like this?

After fueling up on waffles and beer we headed upward to the mighty castle!

The castle over yonder!

We climbed up the hill via a long flight of stairs and upon reaching the castle we entered and walked up yet another flight of tiny spiral stairs. Needless to say, my paws were exhausted!

Slowly getting up there!
The entrance to the Chateau
Me and Danny at the top!
The top of the chateau, called the keep! The climb was hard but the view from the top was worth it!


A view from the Chateau’s keep
Look at all these houses!

The exit of the castle led us to the east side of the village where there was more to explore!

Trying the Alsace grass
The way down from the castle

We circled around the town to get more views of the village and its different little gems. Take a look at all the colors!

The blue here makes my tail wag non-stop!


As you can see, plenty of dogs around!


A view of the church in Kaysersberg
A portrait of me
Another one!

A road in Kaysersberg
Danny taking a selfie!
A canal in Kaysersberg
A beautiful bull terrier in Kaysersberg
I was content that my paws were able to experience what it was like walking along the streets of Kaysersberg!
Admiring the canal
Another beautiful and dog friendly restaurant

We came away from Kaysersberg feeling wonderful. It was a small dip into the enchanted world of Alsace and we thoroughly enjoyed it. But for now, we hit the road in search of more castles! Stay tuned!

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