Rocky the Bull Terrier’s 5 reasons to visit Corfe Castle, UK

Hey guys! It’s your favorite traveling dog here, Rocky the Traveller! Last time I showed you guys an epic medieval adventure in Corfe Castle! This time I’ll show you what it’s like to see the castle the way a king sees it, from the top and all to himself!


Loving this British Purbeck stone architecture…also pay no mind to my penis

Our trip to Corfe Castle began as many of my trips do in England, via public transport.

We hopped on a bus from Bournemouth which then stopped in the old town of Swanage. At the time I travelled with Danny and Danny’s mom, whom I refer to as our mom.

I love staring out the window and watching the world go by!
Got the whole bus to myself!

1. Getting to Corfe Castle is a breeze!

We traveled on a breezy November day which means I put on my best breezy lightweight coat (I’m saying breeze a lot). But mostly it’s a breeze because the bus that took us there is called the Breezer. It’s a big double decker bus painted in blue and green!

If you’re taking public transport then most likely you will hop on to this behemoth. We started in Bournemouth which took about an hour and included a change of bus.

If you’re coming from London then you’ll have to take a train to Wareham then hop on the Breezer.

Breezer bus (image courtesy of WIkimedia Commons)

Going in the breezy month of November also meant less tourists and surprisingly we had the whole bus to ourselves.

Our bus driver stopped in the sleepy little beach town known as Swanage, where he took a 30-minute break to change buses (okay so this time around it wasn’t a breeze to travel like it usually is).


Swanage Railway station
In Swanage! Can you see the coast?
Waiting for our bus in Swanage

We waited in Swanage until the bus moved onward to Corfe Castle. But the funniest thing happened on the way there…

We sat on the top and we could not hear the bus driver call off the stops. Nor could we see the bus stops either as there were no signs on the top and we were half-way napping.

An hour later we noticed we were still on the bus and Danny noted that he recognized signs heading toward Bournemouth!


Are we going the right way?

That means we went nearly all the way back to Bournemouth where we started. We are so silly!

We contemplated just altogether skipping Corfe Castle that day since we were so close to our home now, but I would not give up and I wanted to see the castle again, so we stayed on until it did its round again and we finally made it to Corfe Castle a couple of hours before closing time! (Okay so it definitely wasn’t a breeze!)


Finally in Corfe Castle Village!

Of course you can always drive or even take a steam train to Corfe Castle (Swanage to Wareham)!

2. You’ll be glad you made a small stop at the wonderful Corfe Castle Village

Yes, the village in which the castle lies in is called Corfe Castle Village! And it is truly wondrous. Buildings from a bygone era.

View of the village
Me, Danny and our mom were all impressed with the buildings and the streets of Corfe Castle Village
Imagine living here where your view is the castle!
To the left you got the village center which includes gift shops and cafes
Entering the gift shop
Do they make knight armor for dogs?

After our trip through the castle we stopped at a local cafe for a tea and cake.

Center of the village
A restaurant hotel and bar

Just a walk around the town and you might fall in love with many of the houses, especially the ones with thatched roofing! We  found it to be quite charming!

3. Prepare yourself for a lovely little hike to the ruined castle


A big reason why many tourists bring their dog here is because it’s a walking tour.

To get from the village and to the castle is a nice little walk on its own. Going through the entrance then the arches and then walking over the drawbridge all the while keeping your eyes glued to the ruined castle that lies before you can be quite exhausting but at the same time exciting!

So the castle is behind me you say?
I’m ready!

4. You will have a lot of fun exploring the ruins!

Exploring the ruins can be quite a bit like getting lost in a maze, there’s so many twists and ups and downs and ruins everywhere.

Am I going the right way?
Loving this British Purbeck stone architecture…But I’m also lost so I will just have a seat here
Hopped into this little pen for a little while
Will you just look at these ruins? I wonder what it looked like before it was ruined!
It seems my human took a photos of how the castle and its walls looked like!
No words. Only poses
Prepare your neck because you will be looking up a lot!
Our mom and me walking through the ruins

5. The view from the top is worth the price of the castle alone!

Once you get through the maze of the ruins and hike all the way to the top you can enjoy the amazing view of the Corfe Castle Village as well as the all the ruins below and you’ll be king of all you survey. You might even be able to spot your hotel from up there!

See you at the top my friends!
The air is nice up here!
Now I truly feel like a king up here 🙂
Can you see China from here?
Resting a bit at the top
The King of the Castle

Thanks for reading guys! See you soon and stay hungry for travel my friends!

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