Rocky travels to Basel, Switzerland

There’s a Bull Terrier in Basel!

I’ve come to show you my adventures in the city of Basel, Switzerland, a beautiful city that borders France and Germany. I’ll be taking you along the Rhine River where we will see many pleasant views! Now grab a seat, kick your feet up and read along with your four-legged pal.

During my road trip across France I had already stopped in Calais and visited the fairytale land of Strasbourg. So we were excited to find that Basel was just a couple of hours from Strasbourg so of course being the most travelled bull terrier meant that we had to pay a visit.

We took the backroads to avoid paying that hefty Swiss highway tax and managed to find some parking right in the center of the city. Not bad, right?

Danny and I arriving to Basel in style!
A bit of a grey day

Finding our way around Basel wasn’t too hard as you have the glorious Rhine River flowing across the city. So this would be our first stop to do some sightseeing. We stumbled upon the monument known as the Mittlere Brücke, or Middle Bridge, that stretched over the Rhine River and then we found a good spot where we could view the bridge and the city with comfort and of course – style!

It happened to be pretty quiet on this particular day out as it was in the middle of the week and there were only a few tourists about. This is a tad unfortunate as Danny and I dressed up so well and many people missed out on that.

Middle Bridge
I’m flying!
Me and Danny walking along the Rhine River
Look at all the tricks I can do!
Yes, belly rubs are the best!
Danny: “How many fingers am I holding up?”
Our photographer friend Mike at work

We strolled along the river, stopping for a cafe along the way at one of Basel’s many pet friendly cafes.

Where’s Rocky?

Our walk on the Oberer Rheinweg, or upper Rhine trail, presented us with magnificent views of the amazing towers of Basel as well as its cathedral (more on that in a bit) and many of the city’s jaw-dropping architecture within its older districts.


Behold the Wettsteinbrücke, the second-oldest bridge over the Rhine in Basel
We became enthralled with the views along the river despite the gloomy weather

Another of Basel’s beautiful treasures lies in the colors of its neighborhoods and the abundant number of plants that dress the houses. So many places for me to pee and mark my territory on!

All these gorgeous houses were found just along the river
Look at all the green around us
Having a sit down on a bench along the Rhine River and appreciating the views 
Does this photo look like a rap album cover?
It’s hard not to fall in love with this architecture that greets you when you arrive in Basel
The gems of the Rhine River
The houses here seemed pulled out of another time but this sort of old world architecture is why we love Europe so much!
Can’t have too many views!
A dragon fountain along the river
Me and Danny at work
Could this be my house someday?

After exploring the many gems of the Upper Rhine trail we moved upward and walked down the Wettsteinbrücke to make it to the other side so we can visit the Cathedral.

Right along the bridge we stopped to briefly visit the Kuntsmuseum although we didn’t go inside as Danny was unsure if I was allowed in and we wanted to visit the Cathedral.


Am I allowed in the museum?
A view from the bridge!

We arrived at the Basel Minster, which is actually no longer a cathedral but a Reformed Protestant church. We spent quite a bit of time just looking about at the piazza. There were a lot of more tourists in this part of the city because it’s one of Basel’s most popular landmarks.

Danny and I arriving at the Basel Minster
Check out these doors
A look at the Basel Minster from my perspective
Now this is my kind of clock which I still have no idea how to use but at least it looks cool!
A beautiful sight indeed
Me and Danny in the past fighting a dragon
Me and Danny now and I thought I smelled some food on the ground
This ground is so comfy!
Two lads walking around the Piazza
A neighborhood view of the cathedral
Interesting fountains, no?
I fell in love with these doors. Just look at them. We looked and ended up spending a lot of time just staring at the doors

Along the rear of the Basel Minster there’s a courtyard that offers some sublime views of the Rhine River.

As you can see, the bridge was very close to the Basel Minster which makes this entire city ideal for walking and sightseeing


Feast your eyes on the cathedral in its entirety!
Me and Danny taking it all in at the terrace behind the Minster
What a view!

After spending an entire day in Basel it was time to hit the road again and head back to the Alsace region where we will see some splendid and charming villages. Au Revoir Basel! It was nice to meet you!

High-five for Basel!

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