Rocky visits Amsterdam

There are few places that I could think of that gets me as excited as a trip to Amsterdam.  I’ve now been there more than few times and I love each visit more than the last.

I AMsterdam sign

Being that we were based in England and we couldn’t take a flight to Amsterdam because of those pesky ‘dogs and airplane travel’ rules, we boarded the Stena Line Ferry from Harwich, UK to Hoek of Holland. It was a long journey at about seven hours but I had my own space in the boat and Danny got his own cabin as well. There’s also a nifty outdoor area to go do my business in and take walks on.


At the dog exercise area in the ferry
Staring at the life boats
We visited this lovely city more than once. The first I went with my family, here are my two brothers
The last time around we visited the city with one of Danny’s best university friends

Like any other major city, Amsterdam is a melting pot of different people and dogs and food. It was here where I truly fell in love with cheese. Everywhere we looked there was a cheese shop.


Big round mounds of cheese. I thought this real and I may or may not have sunk my teeth into this display
See the big yellow wheels back there? Now those are real! I wanted to sink my teeth into all of those

Upon visiting the main shopping centre I was hit by an assortment of smells and though the cheese was the strongest, I followed my nose to the other scents and discovered the most unique shops I had ever been to.

All the lovely flower smells
A different kind of scent
More scents
Breakfast time in Amsterdam

The city is so vast and my four paws can only go so fast. So we decided upon taking a cruise down the city’s beautiful Amstel River. I soon found out that the city was friendly toward four-legged handsome studs such as myself and I was allowed on the boat, which is great because I got to meet all of the Dutch people!

Ready for my canal cruise tour
I’m the king of Amsterdam!


Hanging out with some great friends on our cruise
Another gorgeous view from the Amstel River
I’m looking into acquiring this boat so we can sail across the seven seas
Beautiful sights from our cruise

There’s so much to do in Amsterdam and the great thing is most places will let my kind on board. We spent much of the day exploring the rest of the city.

Danny making sure I don’t lose my balance
To Infinity and beyond!
Do I look cool here?

All of the Dutch people and tourists loved my little leather jacket and they had never seen or met a small yet scrappy and handsome traveller such as myself.

Taking a break with our friend Abi who’s more interested in her phone than my awesome leather jacket

At the Museumplein we managed to chill out and people-watch and soon we found out that there were more bicycles than people.

More bicycles
I pulled tourist duty and recorded some cool footage of how bicycle-friendly Amsterdam was
A city full of cycles
Behind me is the Rijksmuseum and so many bicycles
Standing next to the biggest tourist attraction at the Museumplein: IAMsterdam
Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed in the museum due to my four legs
Having a good stretch at the Museumplein


The beauty of Amsterdam is its many cafes, coffee shops and bars! Many of them are right next to the canals
People-watching near the Hard Rock Casino area
Up close and personal

Staying in the city was pretty expensive and a traveller such as myself needs a lot of space so a hostel  just won’t cut it for me. We found an apartment near the airport but it was only a small tram ride away.

Gorgeous views from our apartment
Our apartment in Amsterdam was on the outskirts near the airport but it was spacious and had a beautiful river flowing behind it
Staring at a beautiful bull terrier in the river
Relaxing at our apartment
Will you look at these views?

I spent more than a week in Amsterdam and it was an amazing and fun experience and I met quite a bit of people, got lost with Danny, slept on ferries for too long, but it was worth it as I made great memories in a wonderful city. Of course all the walking around Amsterdam made me pretty sleepy and I went to bed very early on so I couldn’t tell you about any nighttime adventures in the city, you’ll have to ask Danny.

The Anne Frank Statue
Hanging near the Anne Frank statue
We spent some time at the internationally renowned shopping plaza Magna Plaza

Amsterdam is full of delightful charm and character and it’s also diverse. There’s quite a bit of different neighborhoods in the city. We explored many of them.

Checking out the Jordaan neighborhood
A whole world of boats and infinite possibilities ahead of me
Abi jumping for joy in Dam Square
Dam Square
I wasn’t able to be a part of the Heineken experience but I was promised a cold one when my friends returned from there
I’m sure the whole thing can fit in my water bowl. Only one way to find out
Of course my friends returned for me and we had fun playing outside in Amsterdam
Best friends
What a beautiful boat. Next time I’m taking this with me and loading up on all the cheese and stroopwaffles in Amsterdam
More fake cheese that I may or may have not sunk my teeth in


See you guys on the next adventure and thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!