Hi my friends, Rocky, your favorite traveling bull terrier here. My human dad bought me a new puzzle toy called the Dog Tornado which is pretty cool because it can fit many treats inside and you know I love my treats!

Me and the DOG Tornado box

The toy is a fun little interactive puzzle toy and the box says intermediate. I know I’m smarter than that! But Danny said this toy was on sale and that’s why he bought it! Fair enough, I’ll give that to him!

The DOG TORNADO (photos courtesy of Nina Ottosson)

The puzzle is made by dog puzzle toy maker Nina Ottoson. The little interactive toy was made to exercise a dog’s mind and help prevent boredom as well as destructive behaviors! Danny says he wishes he knew about this toy when I was a younger pup and before I destroyed some of his furniture!

Sorry I destroyed all your furniture my human!

So Danny brought a bag of treats and filled up the entire toy with them to see if I can catch ’em all. (I guess he forgives me for breaking all the furniture and also still wants me to work for those treats).


Danny filled this little bad boy up with salmon treats

Now if you didn’t know, I am quite food motivated and so once Danny filled the toy up and closed it, I was able to use my powerful and gigantic shark-like nose to open each of the four levels and scoop up the treats in no time!

I am a genius indeed!

My new favorite toy!

If your dog needs some mental exercise then I highly recommend this toy (and no we didn’t get paid for saying that, we just love it a lot!). The toy is great for keeping your dog occupied for a while and keep them mentally stimulated!

Conquering the tornado!

Now that I conquered the Dog Tornado I’m going to ask Danny to buy me a toy that is more advanced than the intermediate level! But until then, I’ll keep playing with it as long as he keeps putting treats in there!

Check out the full video below to see me beat this bad boy in no time! Thanks my friends and I will see you next time!



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