I’m making my way to see the Queen! I’ve heard she’s at Windsor Castle! I’ve also heard she loves dogs so she will be delighted to see me!

Seeing THE castle

After all, no British road trip would be complete without a visit to this world famous castle, which is one of the Queen’s many homes! It’s also the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world…at least until they build the Rocky castle in the future, which will be based in England and be in the shape of my beautiful head.

Our time here was short, so our goal was to get fantastic view of the castle and maybe one of the Long Walk! Also, it was an excuse for adventure and exercise and both of these are good for the soul and they keep me young!

View of the River Thames from Alexandra Park
Autumn colors

Our adventure kicked off with a walk along the River Thames and through Alexandra Park. Even with the chilly autumn weather, the park managed to look stunning and the views of the river and the castle make it worth a visit. On this particular day, there were a few dogs walking with their humans and there were tons of ducks, geese and swans!

Walking along the riverside

After exploring a bit of Alexandra Park, we made our way toward the castle. It was quite easy to find as even me, with my low point of view, could see the back of the massive castle. So we trotted through River Street and past some of the local shops and restaurants and we even managed to see a few low-flying planes over us, surely headed to the nearby Heathrow Airport.

I can see the back if the castle from here…can you?
A plane headed to or from Heathrow
The statue of Queen Victoria at the foot of Castle Hill. Queen Victoria spent most of her time in Windsor Castle!
Some of the cool pubs that filled up the surrounding streets

After a bit more walking we finally made it to the castle, or at least one side of it. You see, the castle is gigantic and due to the fact that we had only about 15 minutes before the castle officially closed its doors, we spent most of our time at the King Henry VIII Gate.

King Henry VIII Gate
Another view of the gate, considered to be the tourist exit of the castle


The main entrance of the castle used to be this King Henry VIII Gate entrance, which was built in 1511, but now it’s the exit gate for castle visitors. What a bummer. Though something tells me that perhaps I would not have been allowed inside the castle due to being too handsome..and four-legged. (The official site says dogs are not allowed on the castle grounds).

Our view was beautiful and there were guards and tourists huddled about as you can probably see!

Danny and I stood in awe of the castle but we wanted to see more and get a good view of the entire thing, so we ventured off through one of the small streets off of Castle Hill to see if we can get a closer look at Windsor Castle and perhaps see another part of it.

One of the streets opposite the castle..lots of little restaurants and gift shops!
The main entrance of the castle…just about to close!

We arrived in time just to see the main entrance begin to close. What a bummer! But we had a bit hope left to get a good look at the castle from the famous viewpoint at the Long Walk!

Castle hours and prices
My face when I found out I couldn’t go in the castle
One of the coolest shots we got of the castle! But still the King Henry VIII gate

We spoke to one of the staff at the castle who told us how to get to the Long Walk and so decided to just drive and we made our way back to Alexandra Park and on the way said good-bye to Queen Victoria. At least I got to see a queen, despite it not being Queen Elizabeth!

Queen Victoria statue

We were starting to lose daylight but we arrived right at the top of the Long Walk!


The castle behind me! What a great view…of me 🙂

While the castle seemed pretty far from the top of the Long Walk we still appreciated the view. After that we ran around a bit on the grass. We didn’t walk all the way down to the finish the 2 and a half miles and we didn’t even come close as it was really starting to darken.

The Long Walk looks…long
We maybe finished a fraction of the Long Walk
Both Danny and I felt like our walk was long enough

Our adventure in Windsor then wrapped up though I would’ve loved to meet the queen. Maybe next time! Or maybe at the Castle in London, the Buckingam Palace! I will have to pay her a visit there!

Walking back down the Long Walk
Thanks Windsor, it’s been lovely!


Thank you my friends for joining us on this adventure. If you love reading about our travel consider subscribing to our newsletter and check out our video blog on our Windsor adventures below! Our UK road trip is coming to a close as we finish up in Bournemouth for our next little trip! See you in the South of England next time!




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    1. Thank you!

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