Rocky’s Big British Road Trip: Finally made it to Glasgow! Let’s explore!

Hi guys! Rocky the Traveller here! We finally made it to Glasgow and the sun is shining!


Our Big British Road Trip began in Yarmouth and the Norfolk region and took us to Leeds and now after going through flooded roads we’re at the apex of our journey!

Glasgow city centre in the background!

To give you some background on our Big British Road trip: A few months ago we were invited by our dear Instagram friend and bull terrier enthusiast Emily Devine and her Glasgow Bull Terrier Club for a bull terrier walk that would feature 15+ bull terriers.

She invited us as special guests complete with a pub visit and a cool photoshoot!  So of course we said yes!

We arrived in England from Spain and made our plans to drive up to Scotland and make an epic road trip that would take us to many interesting places!

As a bonus we already had a few friends in Glasgow, Charlene and Natalie, that we would get to see again from our first Scottish adventures in 2015!

Night out in Glasgow!

As tourists in Glasgow for the second time, we thought we would start with a visit to the historic People’s Palace, a museum on the massive park called Glasgow Green which also happens to be the site of where our first ever bull terrier walk will take place.

People’s Palace Museum behind me!
Doulton Fountain

We admired the beautiful fountain, called the Doulton Fountain and wouldn’t you know it? We got some much needed sun!

Check out the beautiful fountain below!

Right next to the People’s Palace lies this beautiful building called the Templeton Building. Within the building is a brewery called West on the Green and remember this little brewery because we will be back here very soon!

Templeton Building – what a unique building, fit for bull terriers!
This pub looks empty now, but just wait a little while!

After hanging out at the People’s Palace and Templeton Building we took a little stroll in order to get to know Glasgow Green, the oldest park in the city.

A view of the Templeton from far
The sun is shining which makes me a happy boy!

We found a pretty cool view over here of the city and we also found an amazing blue bridge which overlooks the River Clyde, the second-longest river in Scotland.

We found a beautiful blue bridge for the bully to pose on
St. Andrew’s Bridge
Glasgow Green

I can’t emphasize enough how fortunate we were with the weather as just on the drive up here we were hit with rain and flooded roads. Maybe it was the little sun dance that I did when I rolled around in the grass in Leeds!

The park was huge and we spent more than an hour or so just walking around and we simply found the Templeton Building to help us get back to where we started.

Templeton Building
Fantastic building

Our exploring took us beyond Glasgow Green as we moved over to check out the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum and this was yet another building that was just magnificent and it’s right next to the River Kelvin.

Kelvingrove museum! Look at the clear sky (okay, except the cloud over there)
Looks like I picked the perfect sweater for today’s explorations!

And right next to the museum was a nice park:The Kelvingrove Park, where we went for a little walk.

Kelvingrove Park

We also visited the Kelvin Grove museum and art gallery in the evening and we did some more night time sightseeing in Glasgow with our friends. A beautiful city indeed.

With our friends Natalie and Charlene
Night time in Kelvingrove
The four of us hanging out in Glasgow
At a Scottish pub!

What a couple of exciting days of exploration. But it was just a warm-up for the amazing bull terrier walk!

There will be 16 beautiful bull terriers to say hi to! That’s 16 bully butts to smell!

We have lots of photos of our bully walk! Here’s just a couple from the walk. I will post our entire bull terrier walk on the next post! Thanks guys! See you soon.


Rocky the Traveller

Around the World, One Paw at a time

Bully Mania is coming!
Can anyone find me?

See you next time at the Bully walk!

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