Hello my friends! We’re almost finished with my Big British road trip! We’ve got a few stops left before I finish in the south of England.

At the famous Radcliffe Camera in Oxford

So far on my big British Road Trip, I’ve been to Yarmouth, the Broads in Norwich, Glasgow, the Lake District, the Cotswolds for some cool adventures and a few other towns for some rest.

Now we’re getting closer to the London area and we decided to stop for an afternoon in the famous scholarly city of Oxford. There’s tons of history here and plenty of beautiful architecture.

We checked out of our hotel near the Cotswolds and my stomach began to rumble as we saw signs for Oxford. So we decided to stop at a little pub called Perch in the countryside of Oxfordshire. We refueled with a nice early lunch and a coffee. It was really cool, because the pub let me in and we moved to the massive garden where we had an entire picnic table to ourselves and that’s when we had a burger and chips and a coffee. It did the trick!

The Perch
Sitting on a picnic table…and begging for chips
Check out the beer garden
The Oxfordshire countryside
Join me for a coffee?


We arrived in the city while it was still in the early afternoon, and now fresh faced and filled with crackling energy thanks to that pub coffee.

We parked right at the front of Trinity College and soon enough we were surrounded by students and bicycles.

A sunny day in Oxford! Rocky the Traveller comes to explore!

I was quickly enthralled by all the buildings in Oxford.

So many bikes! I wonder if the baskets are big enough to fit me inside 🙂
Briefly considered hopping on here..but ultimately decided to explore the city on our feet!
Bikes and cool buildings!
We parked between this shop and the Trinity College

The architecture alone is worth a visit to this beautiful city! As we started in Trinity College, we walked southward to look for the biggest landmark in Oxford: The Radcliffe Camera!

Standing high and deep in the historic heart of Oxford University, the Radcliffe Camera brings tourists from all over the world to see this historic library and quite possibly the most famous landmark of the city. Naturally, we had to make sure we got some good photos here. Though it was a bit of a waiting game due to all the tourists who were taking photos about.

Here’s a few good attempts.

Come on my fellow tourists, move along so I can have this building to myself!
Okay, not my best face, but still, I look pretty good!
Color corrected and brightened! But I love it because the tourists are also enjoying themselves as they watch me get my photo taken!

After spending a good chunk of our time getting a photo we moved toward some of the churches and colleges that surrounded the camera and they were all impressive.

Me and Danny after having asked a tourist to take our photo. Thanks tourist!
Another photo of me sitting? I should really ask for more money for these poses!

We then headed south in search of the River Thames, but not before we had to rush over to our car and add another hour’s worth of coins for parking! Now that’s a lot of exercise.

Making another stop near the Trinity College! But at least the walks were really cool. We saw tons of amazing little shops and pubs along the way
One of the many alleys we walked through

I could see myself maybe moving to Oxford, especially if Danny decides to buy me a little bicycle buggy! We could sure get used to the gorgeous buildings.

I believe this is the Christ Church College building in Oxford. We had to take a photo here of course!
A closer shot of me with the Christ Church College in the back

My four little paws trotted through the High Street of Oxford, taking a gander at some more of the whimsical shops and buildings.

Lloyd’s Bank building on the corner of High Street and Cornmarket Street
A shot of the famous Carfax Tower
Some of the High Street shops! Such colorful buildings too!

We trekked southward, past the High Street and all the way to Folly Bridge. Along the way we passed an Alice in Wonderland shop as well as a pub called the Head of the River, which was a sign that we were getting close to the River Thames. I’ve heard people go punting here in Oxford, just like they do in Cambridge.

The Head of the River Pub

Just on the other side of the pub stood the historic stone bridge known as the Folly Bridge! So of course we had to cross it, and guess what the bridge overlooked? That’s right the River Thames! We found it!

Standing on the Folly Bridge and looking over to the River Thames! Check out these boats!
My human thought it would be a good idea to head down to the docks!

So we marched on down to the dock where we could now see the entire pub as well as boats and beautiful trees and flowers blossoming in the autumn.

A view from the dock
Me and Danny having a nice little break from walking so much!
Found some punters!

After relaxing our legs for a bit at the dock and watching a couple of punters row by, we decided that it was time to head back to our car so we could make it to our next destination: Greater London, more specifically, Windsor Castle!

Our verdict on Oxford is that we loved it! We were so focused on seeing all the sights that we didn’t stop in any of the shops to see how pet friendly they were and while we walked around, I had only seen maybe one or two other dogs as it is quite a busy and touristic area.

Check out our full Oxford adventures below on our show: The Rocky Road Show! It’s on our Youtube Channel: Rocky the Traveller!

Thanks for reading about our Oxford adventures!


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