Rocky’s road trip to the Wicklow Mountains, Ireland

On the last leg of our Irish adventure we spent a day at the majestic Wicklow Mountains just south of Dublin.

I craved wilderness and wanted nothing but the fresh air, the beautiful scenery and the sounds of nature.

I wanted to be like a wolf in nature.


We found lovely creeks flowing through rocks and escaping beyond sight

Our trip through the Wicklow Mountain National Park took us through narrow roadways and past rolling hills and my goodness, what a view! I stuck my head out of the car window and saw close up the vast mountains with all its green lushness. When we arrived at the foot of the mountains, well, our collective jaws hit the floor.

We found a nice remote area and it was just the three of us on a lukewarm day.

I felt free like a wolf! A wolf running through nature with his pack!

Our mission was to explore and take in the beautiful scenery and perhaps a small hike.

Rocky and Danny at the Wicklow Mountains

The three of us, me, Danny and our traveling companion Sophie, walked through a few trails and Danny and I wanted to hike up some of the hills but Sophie didn’t want to but we dragged her anyway because she’s part of our pack and we don’t leave anyone behind! After our hike we found a few rocks and sat down on them while we gazed at the mountains.

Sophie having a rest from her all her rest
With a smile on my face while staring at the mountains
I felt my inner wolf ready to be unleashed!

After a while, the mountains inspired me to completely let my wolf out and I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a wolf with a leash or a harness! It was time to let Rocky the wolf out!

I was now in nothing but white fur. A wolf in sheeplike clothing

After I took my harness and leash off, I felt free as a wolf! I sniffed around and roamed through the tall green blades of grass and marked my territory all over. Danny and I then played around for a bit, chasing each other, as wolves do sometimes.

I tried to see if I can find other animals to hunt, but I could not see any, although I did smell the presence of other animals.

Even near the creeks, we saw no other animals.

As far as I could see we had the entire area all to ourselves.

I’m free wearing nothing but a smile
On the hunt
I wished we lived over here! Imagine the hikes!
If you drive past these, I’d recommend stopping just to take it all in.

After our small hike we hit the road to explore other areas of the mountains and while drove we stopped to admire many of the valleys at Wicklow.

Then we found a mining site called ‘The Hero Mine’, which was a popular place to explore the country’s mining heritage. There were a few visitors who were already walking around the area.

Feast your eyes on this view
Hero Mine map
Just looking for some more places to mark my territory

We stayed in the mining area for a good bit of time, stopping to climb on rocks and admire the flowing stream.

Examining the rocks. Why? Because my name is Rocky
I really fell in love with the Irish countryside
Check out this wonderful bridge and these rocks as well as the stream behind me
Thinking about my next beer in Ireland
Majestic just like the Wicklow Mountains themselves

Well after our adventure to the Wicklow Mountains we wrapped up our entire road trip through Ireland.

We had seen the Cliffs of Moher, Dublin, Galway, and now the Wicklow Mountains. I really enjoyed the cities, but I must say that I really fell in love with Ireland’s countryside and I can’t wait to go back and visit this beautiful country. I did not find any leprechauns or their gold, but I did find gems all over the country in its people, its culture, towns, mountains, rivers and more!

Leaving the Hero Mine
Me and Danny stepping over the rocks

As I said before, I wanted one last beer. It was a long day of exploring and this wolf wants his reward.

An appropriate beer for wolves such as ourselves
Me and Danny having a beer among the beauty of nature
Sitting and taking it all in!
This beer was tasty!
I smell food!
A cat found its way near our food!

Thanks for reading about our Irish adventures! Next up I’ll be taking a trip to the United States, specifically Central Florida to discover its beaches and more! Cheers mates!

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