Rocky’s tour de Chamonix, Mont Blanc II

Bonjour again my friends!

My first few days in Chamonix, Mont Blanc in the Haute-Savoie region of France were quite the awesome adventure because I went cycling throughout the town while surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in the entire planet.

My next few days in Chamonix were equally as awesome because I got to meet an Instagram legend bull terrier named Ringo. I also did some more exploring around the town and tried to make my way up to Mont-Blanc.

Did I make it up there? Read on and find out!

With many days ahead of us and all of Chamonix to explore we decided to venture out to some of the parks and lakes to a hike around and get the best views of the mountains.

As we found out there’s quite a few lakes and recreation parks around town. There was a rock climbing park called the Gaillands and opposite of that there was a nice lake in which we stopped to admire the beauty around us. It was quite special because I could hear nature around me and there weren’t too many other people at the lake. On the other hand, I couldn’t hide my farts because it was too quiet so everyone knew it was me!

At the Lake, Lac des Gaillands, I was so enamored with the views that I didn’t want to leave even though we were just going to go see some more natural sights.


Me, Danny and Danny’s beard in the wilderness of Chamonix
Dynamic duos don’t always see eye to eye but they do have each other’s back. Always!
Lac des Gaillands


Hi, I’m Rocky!! This is Lac des Gaillands
The coolest traveling duo on the planet ready to explore!
Another view of the lake

After we left the lake we charged on toward sprawling, empty fields hugged by mountains as far as the eye can see. We went for a run around the fields so I can burn off my crazy bull terrier energy!

Me and our Chamonix companion Sophie
Danny and I just going for a run, but look at these mountains!
Pure bliss

Even the grass in Chamonix was blissful and I did my best to say thank you by rolling around all over the grass!

Did someone say bully roll?
Doing my ‘I’m in Chamonix’ dance
Just want some belly scratches!

After our day of sightseeing and admiring Chamonix’s nature we took a big rest and enjoyed the rest of the day while eating and planning our trip up to Mont Blanc. I was hoping I could travel up to the mountains in Mont Blanc to see the snow! I hadn’t seen snow in quite a while.

Back to the town center!
This is how I sit when I’m in France! Here I was waiting outside the supermarket, the one place I wasn’t allowed in!


Some more sightseeing around Chamonix!

Of course while in France, it’s a must to visit one of the many cheese shops.

Here’s a nice piece of cheese that we opened. We ate about 20% of it before wrapping it back up! Once we returned to our homes in UK, it smelled worse than London sewer rats. We didn’t think of course, but next time we know what to do!


Smelling the cheese! (Before it began to smell)
Going for a walk around the town

What a town. So far, especially after seeing how chilled out all the people are, I would recommend this town to anyone.

On the next day we planned on taking the Aiguille du Midi cable car all the way up to the Alps. It’s the highest cable car in the world. I couldn’t wait to go…Except for one thing.

No dogs are allowed on the cable car.

Me being sad when I found out I couldn’t take the cable car

So I had to stay home while my humans went up there and took the cable car. Here are a few photos of their adventure without me.

They took a cable car which made stops at different heights. The first stop was still quite high and there’s a small shop where you can buy food or beer. There was also plenty of people who got off on the first stop to hike up all the way to the top.

They had a beer without me and look at that view
The first stop


Cable car
Danny posing at the first level
That beer looks delicious!
At the top. Seems quite high!
A couple of fearless birds
Would you look at these mountains! I think I see the Eiffel Tower from here!
Danny said he brought me in spirit via his Rocky shirt! What can I say? It’s a cool shirt!
I’m with you Danny!
Looks so peaceful!

When they came back down from their adventure they brought me a gift: Macaroons

I wish I went up there but glad you brought me some gifts!

After finishing the delicious macaroons it was time to meet an Instagram bull terrier known as Ringo who lived in the Haute Savoie region nearby.

I was quite excited and nervous to meet him but I am glad I did!

Here’s Ringo with his mom! A handsome fella!
We were both so excited to meet each other!

Meeting Ringo was like looking into a mirror. A strong and energetic bull terrier with a lot of character and we both looked the same!

Really excited to meet a new friend!
Is that my reflection?

It was quite a nice and memorable time meeting a fellow bull terrier especially one who is famous on Instagram! I was happy to have met him and his mom and I’m glad they drove to meet us in the town center!  I wish we could have played more!

Unfortunately, Ringo the Bull Terrier passed away shortly after our meeting but he was a strong fighter and I was proud to have met him.

Ringo, I dedicate my Chamonix adventure to you my friend! His photos can be found @RingotheBully on Instagram.

Our trip in Chamonix wrapped up after nearly a week of eating a lot of wonderful french food, hiking, cycling, and drinking coffee. Many thanks to the wonderful Hotel L’Arve for being such a friendly hotel and of course, thanks to Ringo and his mom for meeting us!

For our last little adventure we entered the Chamonix McDonald’s! Even that was quite a nice restaurant!

Posing by the Chamonix train station
One last night out!


No, I don’t want to leave! Please no!

Thanks for reading guys! Our next adventure will be about our little stop in Paris on the way back up to England!


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