Rocky’s tour du Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France I

Bonjour mes amies !

The town of Chamonix

After travelling throughout much of England, I made my way back down to France for a cool (literally) adventure in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France during the late autumn season.

Danny and our friend Sophie and I hopped in an early morning train from Brighton to Newhaven and stepped aboard the ferry from Newhaven port to the port of Dieppe.

I stayed in a kennel with a pillow for the 3-hour journey. The ferries should really make a section inside that’s dog friendly for when you have to travel between France and England frequently.

Early morning train. Do I look grumpy?

Anyway, the ferry ride was over before I knew it and my paws were then firmly in the sleepy port town of Dieppe. We didn’t stay exploring for long because we went and picked up our little car for our week in Chamonix: A Fiat. Now I know a car is just a car and I can stick my head out of any car window, but this car got my human excited because he had never driven a Fiat before.

It was big enough for me to do all my crazy spins in. I used up most of the backseat too!
Look at that lovely F on the licence! Where else can we be but in France?

From Dieppe to Paris it took us about 3 hours without tolls and we spent the night in a small hotel a bit outside the city to recover before our long 6 hour journey to Chamonix.

After finally arriving in Chamonix we were greeted by towering snow-capped mountains. My tail was wagging all over the place and I couldn’t wait to get out of the car and start exploring.

We even stepped out of our car for a bit just to take photos of the scenery! Just take a look and prepare to have your breath taken away!

Could this be my next home?
Falling in love with the scenery and the houses
I see snow up there! Let’s go!

After a short drive around the town to get ourselves familiar with the place we set down our bags in our hotel, the wonderful and pet-friendly Hotel de l’Arve.

Hotel de L’Arve

We had wonderful views from our balcony of the the mountains but I think the coolest thing about the hotel was the use of the free bikes! We immediately went off to explore with our bicycles!

Taking in some fresh air at our balcony
Some of the views from our balcony
This is the terrace of the Hotel de L’Arve and there’s tremendous views here of the mountains!
I’m ready to go cycling!
Me and Danny ready to go exploring the town!

When our eyes weren’t on the road in front of us they were fixed on the scenery in Chamonix! I was mesmerized by everything from the buildings to the trees and especially the sprawling mountains that nearly covered the sky.

We made lots of stops while on our bicycles.

The River Arve which flows through the town and travels to Switzerland!
Another look at some beautiful hotels!
Stumbling upon some graffiti of Papa Smurf?
I just love these buildings! Who wouldn’t want to live in one of these?
Is that where Papa Smurf lives then?
Continuing our cycle trail and falling in love with all the chalets we see along the way
Taking a breather from our bicycle ride!
I can just lie here all day and stare around me
In the shadows

Always carrying a water bottle with me
Another look at the River Arve

After our bicycle trip we stopped in the town center to grab a juice and re-energize! We sat outside and a strange dog came up to us. It was eventually found to belong to one of the patrons of the cafe.

Danny with two dogs!
will you look at this picturesque town center?
If you look up just beyond the town center you’ll again see the mountains. They call to me. Will I go up there?
I’m yelling because I want to go up the mountains. Take me up there! Please!
The center of Chamonix and its shops!
Well, I am just a cool cat, aren’t I? In that Miles Davis sense of the word
Just a couple of Cool Cats!
A cool perspective of the mountains


A tiny bridge to cross over the river! We went up the bridge and back quite a few times!

While we were out and about it started to get a bit chilly so Danny bought himself a nice blue coat. I wish I could have one of those!


What a nice coat you got there Danny. Also you have something on your beard!
Look up in the sky! it’s a bird, no a plane. Actually it’s a paraglider. you’ll see quite a few of these! They start from way up the mountains.

After a day spent exploring and cycling around we were hungry!

I want a burger! We ate one earlier in the day to hold us off until dinner!

Another great thing I love about Chamonix and France in general is just how dog friendly it is. It seems almost everyone brings their dogs with them and they’re even allowed in many restaurants, including some nicer ones!

Chamonix in the evening
Danny and I ready for dinner!

There’s quite a few different restaurants with almost everything you want which is surprising in this little town. I saw a pizza place, burger place, Japanese restaurant, and of course many French restaurants because we are in France after all!

Garçon, where’s my drink?

Fast forward.

I think I had one too many glasses of wine!

So that was our first day in Chamonix! We still had a whole week ahead of us!

Seriously, what a nice blue coat Danny has! I want one!

It didn’t take long for me and Danny to look like the dynamic duo that we are because I finally got my matching blue coat in the morning!

The Blue brothers!

Later during the week, we meet another legendary bull terrier named Ringo and planned our trip up to the snow!

Thanks to Sophie for taking our pictures and putting up with two child-like men/dogs!

Thanks guys for reading our first part of our adventures in Chamonix!

Au Revoir my friends!

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