Student shares free hack on how to keep your dogs safe on Bonfire Night

We all know that dogs and fireworks don’t mix. Fireworks can really cause a lot of stress, anxiety and can even lead to dogs running off due to fear of the loud noises.

There are many tips out there for keeping your dog calm during fireworks celebration nights such as the upcoming UK Bonfire Night aka Guy Fawkes Night on November 5. Some tips suggest playing soothing music, shutting off windows and keeping your dog indoors during the evening. Meanwhile pet stores sell anti-anxiety coats to help pets cope with the stress.

But now one handy pet parent has come up with a free and simple solution for helping her dog keep calm during fireworks night.

Dog parent Caitlin Miller shared an ingenious idea of cutting the two ends off a sock and putting it on comfortably on your furry friend’s head, but making sure it’s not too tight. Miller added that she used them last year and is using them again with her dogs Cookie and Ruby.

Check it out below!

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