Taking your DOG to the metro in SPAIN

Hi guys! I thought I would take a small break from our British adventures to show you what it’s like to travel around in the metro in Spain!


Now  Spain has some pretty strict rules when it comes to taking your dog in the metro!

I had a little afternoon out in Barcelona and hopped on the Metro to the famous Sagrada Familia to show you what it’s like to take the metro in the city.

As you may know muzzles are required for every dog, but when it’s a bit hot out there’s some flexibility!

As long as you show that you have the muzzle then you will be okay if you don’t actually put it over the dog’s mouth on a super hot day! In our experience the transport officers here have been very understanding.

Enjoying a beer in the city of Barcelona
Me and Danny at Barcelona Beach

We hopped on the metro from the station of Camp L’Arpa and took it just a couple of stops over to the famous Sagrada Familia! We left in the late afternoon/early evening but it was still too hot to put the muzzle over my mouth, which I was quite happy about! I don’t like looking like Bane from Batman!

Hanging out at Sagrada Familia
Catching my breath after marveling at all the beauty!
The escalator up to Sagrada Familia!

Check out below my entire little adventure taking the metro in Barcelona! It was quite an experience! Enjoy!

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