Telling your dog ‘I love you’ sends their heart rate soaring

Dogs have many ways to show us that they are excited, whether it’s with a tail wag, spinning around in circles or cuddling, but new research shows that three simple words sends their excitement levels through the roof.

Telling your dog ‘I love you’ sends a dog’s heart rate soaring by 46.2% according to new research from dog friendly accommodation site Canine Cottages. 

Canine Cottages equipped dogs with heart rate monitors and set up a series of scenarios to measure pets’ reactions to certain scenarios, with the goal of finding out what really excites man’s best friend.

Meanwhile, the study also showed that simply just seeing their humans, a dog’s heart rate increases by 10.4%.

The research also found that giving your dog cuddles slows their heart rate by 22.7%.

Canine Cottages also spoke to behavioral experts to find out the true meaning behind licks, begging, barking and produced a list of top ten signs that show your dog loves you.

Licks and kisses: Licks and kisses are how dogs show their appreciation.

Cuddles: Cuddling is your dog’s way of saying they want to be as close to you as possible. They lean on those they feel most comfortable with.

Greetings: When you greet your dog they will likely wag their tail, jump and wiggle because they are excited to see you.

Begging: Begging is not only for food, they also beg because they crave attention.

Generosity: Some dogs will bring their favorite toy or treat to their human as a way of not only playing with you, but also to show their trust in you.

Belly up: A sign of trust and love, if a dog shows his belly or sleeps with his chest up, it means they are showing their vulnerable side to you.

Loyalty: Dogs’ instinct is to protect the pack, which means they will do everything to protect you from harm.

Jumping up: Jumping on you is a sign of affection and excitement at seeing you.

Destroying your stuff: A surprising form of showing love, it means they miss you. Chewing releases endorphins for dogs and chewing something that smells of you is even better for them.

Coming to you when they’re in pain: When dogs are unwell and come to their humans, it means they trust them to be by their side in times of need.

A happy dog (Photo by muhannad alatawi from Pexels)


We always knew that dogs and humans shared a special bond. Though different species, dogs and humans have a way of understanding each other, so it’s great to see that three words – important words – get them really excited.

Saying the words ‘I love you’ with affection is sure to get their hearts really racing and hopefully this study means we will see more humans around the world expressing their love for their canine companions.




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