The 8 best dog friendly cars for UK dog lovers

The UK is known as a nation of dog lovers and with that in mind, it’s important to consider man’s best friend when it comes time to look for a new car.

In the car, dogs should be kept comfortable and, if needed, restrained, for safety reasons. When buying a new car, keep that in mind. These security restraints could be in the form of a doggy seat belt harness, a dog crate, or a dog guard. In the UK drivers could be penalized if they are caught with a dog that police think could be a driving distraction.

So now that you know this, Hello Magazine, put together a list of the 8 best dog friendly cars in the UK. The list is not a ranking.

1. Peugeot Rifter: Features 775 liter of boot (trunk) space for your furry friends to spread out.

Peugeot Rifter (Hello Magazine)

2. Kia e-Niro: Spacious crossover-styled electric vehicle with 451 liters of boot space.

Kia e-Niro (Hello Magazine)


3. Nissan X-Trail: All terrain SUV. The Paw Pack converts your X-Trail’s boot space into a travel compartment complete with foldaway dog ramp and bag for storage, dog guard, trunk liner, super soft dog bed and special seat- back bag to hold a lead and other accessories.

Nissan X-Trail (Hello Magazine)

4. Volvo V90: Stylish car with 560-liters of boot space. Accessories include a grille to separate the load compartment from passengers, a polypropylene liner to protect the boot and stop dogs sliding around, plus a bespoke dog gate which can be fitted on the left or right side – or on both sides to create two separate canine spaces.


Volvo V90 (Hello Magazine)

5. Jaguar F-Pace: With a 650-liter boot capacity, the F-Pace features a convenient rear access ramp, spill-resistant water bowl, foldable carrier, quilted luggage compartment liner and handy portable shower.

Jaguar F-Pace (Hello Magazine)

6. Land Rover Discovery Sport: Featuring hybrid technology and 754 liters of boot space with the third row of seats folded. The Pet Pack accessories available include a full-height partition, spill-resistant water bowl, access ramp, foldable pet carrier, tailored quilted load space liner and portable shower for those muddy walks.

Land Rover Discovery (Hello Magazine)

7. Skoda Superb: Features 660-liters of boot space. The Pet Protection Pack comes complete with dog guard, durable mat and a rear bumper protector.

Skoda Superb (Hello Magazine)

8. Aston Martin DBX: Features 32 liters of boot space.  The Pet Pack includes a partition to give pedigree pooches their own space in the boot of the car and a bumper protector. Also features a portable washer. The car is pricey starting at £158,000.

Aston Martin DBX (Hello Magazine)



Rocky in a dog car seat cover

There seems to be a pattern with these vehicles and that is spaciousness. Dogs are creatures of comfort and habit and making sure they have their own space is vital in ensuring your dog has a comfortable experience riding in the car.

Bringing a dog a pillow or even a blanket can go a long way in making your dog feel comfortable in the car. While not every car has to be as dog friendly as these, it’s still important to factor in your dog(s) when it comes to shop for a new car. After all, they’re a big part of your family and they are (wo)man’s best friend!

Rocky taking over the wheel

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