The best dog gear to get for the new (or experienced) dog owner

Dog adoption is on the rise in some parts of the world amid restrictions across the globe and that means plenty of puppy stuff to buy.

If you’re a brand new pet parent then you might be confused and not sure about what things you should have for your dog. But worry not as Forbes put together a list of the best dog gear to buy for the new dog parent.

The gear below will get you started on being a prepared pet parent in no time.

Collar and leash

This should be at the very top of the list of things to buy for your dog and you should probably have it either before as soon as you adopt your pooch. There’s tons of leashes and collars out there. You can keep it simple and drop into your local pet shop and look for the best fit for your dog. While each leash and collar have subtle differences which depend on the breed, activity, size and behavior of the dog, it’s best to find a simple one that won’t be destroyed or chewed off so easily.

Collar and leash


Pet parents can purchase pet harnesses to keep dogs safely in cars. Other types of pet harnesses could also be used for walking when you want to add safety, security or training for your dog.  If a collar is not enough for when you walk your dog, a quality harness can do the job and help with pulling problems.

Car seat cover

To keep your car clean and your dog comfy, then consider a car seat cover.

Bowls and mats

Bowls are a necessity for feeding your pet and if you’re a new pet parent, it might be confusing due to having so many options. Be sure to ask your local pet shop assistant for help in choosing one, or look at reviews for bowls. For many pet parents, a simple, inexpensive dog bowl will do the trick. There are different types of bowls for different dogs which include elevated bowls, slow feeder bowls, and travel bowls.

Mats can help avoid messes on the floor when feeding your dog. Some can absorb spilled water and food and can make cleaning up after your dog’s dinner much easier.

Dog bed

A dog bed for your dog is a must, especially if they are not going to be sharing the bed with you. Forbes advises to avoid getting dog beds made in China due to material concerns (I would advise against most dog gear made in China as well.) Be sure to get a comfortable and durable dog bed and keep it clean.

Dog bed

Dog toys

 Another must dog parents, there are plenty of options out there and the best thing to do is experiment. Perhaps your dog likes to chase balls, chew on toys or they prefer to solve puzzles, but the best way to find out is to try a few different toys. They are crucial in alleviating boredom.

Dog crate

If you have a young dog who is not quite house trained, then consider a comfortable dog crate. Dogs do love dens by nature and enjoy their personal space. There are different types of crates which can be put indoors or outdoors.

Furniture protectors

Keep your furniture scratch free and minimize dog hair all over your sofas with furniture protectors. These can be found online or at major pet retail shops.

Dog Grooming

Your dog will definitely need maintenance care just like humans do. This includes bathing, hair trimming, brushing (if necessary), teeth cleaning and possibly nail trimming too. Most of the products such as shampoo, dog nail clippers, tooth brushes and tooth paste can be found in dog shops as well as in dog grooming salons.

General health

This includes treatments and preventatives. Do your research on what is needed and consult your vet and make sure to weigh the pros and cons of any treatments.

Outdoor gear

Your dog will need to go on walks. If your dog has a nose for adventure then be sure to carry tons of travel gear such as collapsible bowls, dog poo bags, portable water bottles, cleaning supplies (such as a portable shower kit, wipes, etc.).

Other essentials

This should go without saying but first time dog owners should definitely get their dogs some food as soon as you can. Do your research on what sort of diet will be best for your dog and inform yourself of the foods that your dog cannot have. Also be sure to have your dog wear identification such as a dog tag or even a microchip. Also, depending on wear you live, your dog might have to wear some dog clothes, particularly in colder climates.

Winter gear

For the full list from Forbes, click here.

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