The best UK holiday staycation destinations according to your dog’s breed

Staycations are growing in popularity this year in the UK and with so many places to choose from, why not pick a destination according to your dog’s breed?

New research from Dog Friendly Cottages has found the best destination to visit in the UK based on your dog’s breed.

With 3.2 million UK homes welcoming a pet during the lockdown, it’s a safe bet that many pets will also be joining their families on staycations this year.

Dog Friendly Cottages reported a massive 415% increase in bookings this spring, compared to the spring 2019, making it clear that pet parents plan to bring their four-legged friends along for the holidays.

The dog friendly holiday booking site partnered with dog psychologist George Barrett to come up with a list of the ‘pawfect’ holiday destinations for your pooch according to their breed.

For the study, Barrett looked at things such as different breed’s love of longer or shorter walks, interest in water-fun and need for socialising with other dogs.

Check out the map below:

The pawfect staycation, according to your dog’s breed (image: Dog Friendly Cottages)

Dog Breeds

For those with Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers, the best staycation is in Cornwall, specifically, Padstow, St Ives, and Newquay where they will be able to splash around in beautiful beaches and enjoy secret coves.

Labs and Goldens would enjoy Cornwall (image: Garfield Besa from Pexels)

For those with French Bulldogs, Dachshunds, and Pugs, they will be happy to know that the best place for them is in Devon. Beach breaks in Norfolk’s Cromer, Ilfracombe and Brixham in Devon would be particularly fun for them.

“Walking one to two miles a day is sufficient, and due to their short legs, flat ground is easier and accessible in Cromer, Ilfracombe and Brixham,” Barrett said.

For the high energy breeds Cocker Spaniels, Springer Spaniels and Vizslas, the best places to take them on a staycation are Bideford in Devon, Perranporth in Cornwall and the town of Llandudno in Wales. Here they will have plenty of trails and wide open spaces to run around.

Vizslas would love open spaces and long trails (image: chepté cormani from Pexels)

For those with Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Border Terriers, the best staycation destination is in Staithes in Yorkshire, Seahouses in Northumberland or Aberystwyth in Wales. Boxer and German Shorthaired Pointer will probably prefer Rye, Perranporth or Whitstable.

“As these breeds prefer time outside, the top locations offer some walks with added extras,” Barrett said. “For example, you can visit Aberystwyth Castle with a two mile walk along the promenade before heading for the coastline.”

Meanwhile, dog parents with Boxers and German shorthaired pointers should visit the towns of Rye, Perranporth and Whitstable. These dogs love long walks and can adapt to any terrain.

For those with German Shepherds and Rottweilers, some of the best places for them include Seahouses on the North Northumberland coast, Staithes in Yorkshire and Filey in North Yorkshire. Due to their active nature, these outdoor breeds enjoy walking over any terrain and will enjoy a long hike.

Rottweilers would enjoy long hikes

Beagles, one of the most popular dog breeds, would enjoy Aberystwyth in Wales, Bridport in Dorset and the village of Beadnell in Northumberland where they can have long walks. Beagles are not often big fans of water so these towns are perfect for them.

As for Shih Tzus and King Charles Cavalier, the top destinations include Bude, Newquay and Looe in North Cornwall. Due to their shorter legs, these pups prefer flatter terrain and will prefer standing dry on land, Barrett adds.

“Shih Tzu’s and King Charles Cavaliers will appreciate the typically warmer weather in the top locations as well as the option to walk through the lanes of the seaside towns,” Barrett said. “They often love long car journeys so you can go a little further afield, but regular water stops are still needed.”

Whippets, and any other running dog breed, would enjoy Whitstable, Cromer, and St Ives.

“These dogs like the outdoors but only in good weather. Preferring short bursts of activity followed by a rest, open spaces like beaches or hills are perfect for their twenty minutes of activity a couple of times a day,” Barrett continued.

While the above are all recommendations Barrett wants dog parents to remember that “all breeds are individuals and as such will vary in temperament.”




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