Is this the coolest job for a dog? Canine Cottages is looking for four-legged staycation critics

Is your dog looking for a job? Then maybe reviewing UK staycations is right up their alley.

UK-based dog friendly holiday cottage accommodation site Canine Cottages is now “hiring” ten dogs to become dog friendly cottage critics.

“We’re on a nationwide hunt for a pack of top dogs who are all up for reviewing our finest dog-friendly cottages and sharing their adventures,” Canine Cottages said in a Facebook post.

The winners get to experience what it is like to stay in one of the site’s dog-friendly cottages as a ‘canine critic’ in a UK location of their choice.

They will also get the chance to review the property and the local area, helping dog lovers to discover the best places for their four-pawed pals to fetch, play and run. Furthermore, they’ll also get exclusive deals and offers with Canine Club and they will also get to be seen by over 100,000 social media followers.

The cottage holiday is worth up to £1,000 and the winner will also receive a pack of exclusive goodies and loads of other perks. All dogs big and small can apply, while packs of up to five pups can also apply to fill one of the vacancies.

If you and your dog are interested, you can apply here. 

A dog at a dog-friendly cottage (image:


With staycations on the rise this year due to the pandemic, bringing a dog along to join the adventure is now easier than ever. Canine Cottages’ ‘critic hunt’ is a fun way to bring awareness to the idea of traveling with a dog.

Those who might not regularly take their dogs with them on holiday might change their mind after seeing this interesting ‘job opening’ for dogs. The dogs (and their humans) who do win this critic role will easily have the best job in the UK.


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