The world’s first luxury hotel for dogs opens in London

While London has no shortage of five-star hotels, the city’s hottest new hotel is made just for four-legged furry friends.

Urban Mutts is the world’s first luxury hotel for dogs. The custom-built hotel features sleep huts instead of kennels and the hotel’s staff are trained in acupuncture, massage and reiki.

Urban Mutts offers luxury hotel and daycare services for dogs (image: Urban Mutts)

The hotel is a membership-based service and offers daycare, spa treatments, grooming, walks, dog training, exercising and socialization. According to the Robb Report, dog parents pay a £150 membership fee which covers the lifetime of any dog. For a 24-hour stay at the luxurious hotel, it costs £70. The hotel also offers bundle deals for 3-days (£180) as well as weekly deals, like a staycation (£350).

If dog parents fancy a summer camp-like stay, Urban Mutts also offer stays for up to three months.

The hotel’s sleep huts are fully-ventilated, heated and come with LED mood lighting and ‘ambient chill-out vibes’. The hotel operates on a maximum capacity basis, so they are not able to accept drop-ins and they recommend booking in advance.

The sleep huts are fully-ventilated, heated and come with LED mood lighting (Urban Mutts)
The sleep huts (image: Urban Mutts)

Urban Mutts also collaborates with dog trainers, nutritionists and vets from London, as well as canine guest experts in everything from reiki to acupuncture and dog massage.

Urban Mutts is the brainchild of Barry Karacostas, who starting with his Rottweiler Leo, ran with a pack of dogs all through London’s parks. Soon after, his Dog Jogger business was born. His account, ‘thedogjogger’ has amassed more than 10,000 followers.

The hotel had a soft-opening in the autumn of 2020 and made its official opening this year.

Urban Mutts is the brainchild of Barry Karacostas aka the Dog Jogger (image: Urban Mutts)

With a passion for dogs, Karacostas founded the hotel and day care club with the mission of ‘making city dogs happier and healthy, so that they can make their busy urban owners feel the same way.’

Urban Mutts Dog Club & Hotel is run by Karacostas, his wife Julie and his business partner, Gregory Hands, along with their new ‘Managing Dog Directors’, Bubbles the Rottweiler and Bruce the Labrador.

Urban Mutts’ social club features supervised socialization sessions for dog mingling (image: Urban Mutts)
Dogs making friends at the social club (image:


Urban Mutts is the world’s first luxury dog hotel (image:

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