Tips on how to bring dogs safely bring dogs back to work

As office workers across the UK gradually return to work, safety has become the biggest priority to ensure workers stay protected during the pandemic. Those who are planning to bring their dogs in the office, must also make sure they do so in a safe manner.

Pet food brand Purina has put together tips on how to safely bring back man’s best friend to the office.

Dog at an office (Photo by Lum3n from Pexels)

-To minimize the chance of exposure, try to ensure that no one strokes or touches your canine companion at the moment. This can be a challenge as a dog in the office can bring smiles all around and coworkers may want to pet them.

-Offices should restrict the number of dogs in the office by limiting the office to one dog per person, at any time.

-If your office has a dog garden or outside office space, try to minimize the number of dogs in the area at any one time.

-Office workers should also keep their dog on a short fixed lead to ensure they are able to control them easily. Extendable leads ideally shouldn’t be used in offices right now.

-Dog beds should also be taken home at the weekend and washed for the following week.

-For hygiene reasons Purina advises to try giving dogs only small treats in the office.

-Furthermore, clean dog bowls for water should be brought into the office daily.

-Dog parents should also bring their own poo bags.

-Dogs, just like humans, will also need to follow any building access guidelines set out by their company.

-Office workers should also use hand sanitizers regularly (but only humans).

Purina’s research shows that 91% of Brits find having a dog around them a calming influence, while 85% believe working in a pet friendly environment has a positive impact on their wellbeing.

Calum Macrae, Regional Director Purina UK & Ireland, said, “It’s understandable that employers might feel daunted about welcoming dogs in the office post-lockdown, but given the overwhelming positive impact that dogs at work can have on employees and the potential for separation anxiety to become a real issue in pet owning households, we want to encourage businesses to seriously consider dogs as part of their return to work plans.”

“Pet owners have repeatedly talked about the many benefits of spending more time with their pets over the last six months – we’d encourage as many employers as possible to try to bring these benefits back into the workplace, along with their employees. We have updated our guidance and have experts on hand to help as many workplaces as possible to either stay, or become, dog friendly in these continuingly challenging times,” Macrae said.

A bull terrier in the office


Humans have gotten to spend more time with their dogs during the nationwide lockdown so going back to the workplace might be challenging for both humans and their dogs. Fortunately, many offices across the UK are allowing dogs to accompany their workers in the office and it appears to be a growing trend.

Dogs in the workplace can offer many benefits including boosting office morale and alleviating tension. As more workers return to the workplace with their dogs, it is important to prioritize safety and health, not only for workers but also for their dogs to help fight the pandemic.








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