Tips on keeping your pets safe on the road

With lockdown easing in many part around the world, many pet parents are planning on taking their dogs with them on holiday. For those planning on traveling with their dogs by car there are some health and safety tips to ensure that man’s best friend has a pleasant experience on the ride.

Australia-based automotive company Holden published an infographic on Lifehacker Australia that provides some handy pet safety travel tips. Though the tips cover a doggie road trip in Australia, they can apply to dog lovers across the world.

The tips go a long way in helping your dog enjoy their experience in a car.

Frenchie on the road (Pexels)

Prepare your pet: If you are going on a long road trip, bring adequate water and ensure your dog is secure. You can look into seatbelt harnesses, backseat barriers or you can consider a secure kennel if they are the right size. If your dog is not used to car rides then consider practicing before the road trip by using treats to make them comfortable being in the car. If you think your dog will get carsick then avoid feeding them too close to the scheduled time of the road trip and consider feeding them a few hours before the trip. Treats and other toys can help keep your dog entertained in the car, if needed. They can also feel more comfortable on a doggie bed in the car. Don’t forget the basic stuff they need like food, bowls, water.

Ensure your dog has plenty of water

Prepare your car: This means putting on a car seat cover if your believe your dog sheds quite a bit. Bring plenty of cleaning tools such as toilet paper or paper towels, in the case of a mess. Don’t forget to always pack a portable bowl for water and food in your car.

Plan your stay: Planning a pet vacation takes a bit more preparation than if you were to just travel without a dog, but then again it wouldn’t be any fun. There’s tons of pet friendly hotel and booking sites online, so do a bit of research and you will be able to find that perfect accommodation. If you need a hand there are some tips on finding pet friendly accommodation.

Check your pet after the trip: If you traveled to the great outdoor and in nature then be sure to check your dog for ticks and parasites and then treat accordingly. A good bath always helps after exploring nature.

Check out Holden’s full guide:

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