Uber Pet officially launches in Australia and New Zealand after successful trials

Uber Pet, Uber’s pet friendly option, officially launched today in Australia and across select cities in New Zealand.

The feature officially launches on the Uber app after successful trials across cities in New Zealand and Australia.

Uber Australia and New Zealand general manager Dom Taylor said the response to the Uber Pet trials had been “incredibly positive”.

“It was clear that for many pet owners, especially those without their own car, simple things like taking their pet to the vet or visiting friends and family could be a real challenge,” Taylor said.

He said most customers were using Uber Pet to take their pet to an unexpected vet visit or just to the park, especially during lockdown.

Man and dog in an Uber

When a rider requests an Uber Pet trip, they would agree to pay a pet surcharge for their ride. In New Zealand it would be an extra NZD 5 (3.21) and in Australia it would be an extra AUD 6 (USD 4.21) per ride.

In a Twitter post, Uber Australia stated: “After months of 1-on-1 time, it’s hard to leave our pet pals at home. That’s why we’ve expanded Uber Pet to more cities across Australia.”

In New Zealand, Uber Pet will be available in Auckland and Wellington.

For both New Zealand and Australia, Uber Pet is limited to one pet per trip. If the rider has more pets, it will be left to the discretion of the Uber driver to take them on the trip.

Uber Pet is designed for domesticated animals only. Uber anticipate cats and dogs to be the most frequent, but Uber Pet allows for any kind of domesticated animal to be brought on a trip – at the driver’s discretion.

Riders are fully responsible for controlling their pet while on the trip. Drivers maintain the right to refuse animals they deem unsafe or uncontrolled. Uber also encourages all riders to use a leash, harness or pet carrier during the trip. Riders are fully responsible for controlling their pet while on the trip.

For more rules on Uber’s pet feature click here.

Man and his cat in an Uber


Australia and New Zealand’s Uber Pet trials proved to be successful and now pet parents across the two countries will be able to take their pets with them to their favorite places or to necessary vet appointments, in select cities.

The success of the Uber Pet trials prove that Australia and New Zealand are ready to become pet friendly countries, similar to many of the European countries.

The announcement of the official launch of Uber Pet in Australia and New Zealand follows Auckland Public Transport’s announcement that it will allow pets on their trains after overwhelming public approval. Now pet parents in Auckland will have options when it comes to taking their beloved pets across the city.


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