UK dog parents set to spend £125 million on gifts this Christmas, will cook them Christmas dinner

Dog owners across the UK are set to spend more than £125 million on Christmas gifts and treats for their dogs this year, according to a study by American Express Shop Small.

The £125 million comes out to about £21 per pooch, the study showed.

According to the survey, the majority, or 82%, of dog parents say their pet “kept them going” during coronavirus lockdowns this year with a further 72% stating that they wouldn’t have gotten through the last few months without their dog by their side.

To show their thanks, dog owners will be shopping on the high street to treat their pet this year, with treats including Christmas stockings and Christmas jumpers. Over a third, 39%, of dog owners will also be preparing a dog-friendly Christmas dinner for their pooch.

Bull terrier ready for Christmas (Instagram:

The study also showed that dogs are a preferred member of the family with 56% saying they are more likely to buy a Christmas present for their dog than for family members that they will not be seeing this year. Meanwhile one in ten dog owners said they plan on spending more on their dog’s Christmas gift than their partner’s.

Nearly half, 49%, said the quality of the gifts they buy for their dog matters greatly to them, and 37% will aim to buy from small, independent stores wherever possible.

Our furry canine companions will also be celebrating Christmas in style as 18% of dog parents said their dog is more likely to wear a Christmas sweater than they are.

Despite, the lockdown, pet owners in many parts of the world are still planning to make their pets’ Christmas special. In France the majority of pet owners will gift their dogs with a present this year. While in the US, pet merchandise is expected to be one of the top gift-giving categories this holiday season.

Small dog next to Christmas tree (Photo by Ali Pazani from Pexels)


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